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...but nobody's dead so far

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Birthdate:Feb 14
Location:Asheville, North Carolina, United States of America
I live in hippieland and am perfectly happy with all the unconventional people that reside here with me. We also have a beautiful environment in which to live and play in, and I am very thankful for it. I am located in the Appalachian Mountains in the southern US in the state of North Carolina.

I am a single mother to an awesome daughter. We have a helicopter bunny who has one ear up and one ear down who is a hambeast that has really taken this prey animal thing to heart and aims to break that cycle, starting with her.

I am partnered with a man I've been with consistently for 4 years or so now, but we have a longer history than that. We are in an interracial relationship.

I work with people who have developmental disabilities. I was a direct service provider for 20 years, working in group homes, workshops and doing one-on-one. I am now a supervisor. Coolest people EVER.

I am not religious and have no love for organized religion personally, but I will never try to sway you from your faith or belief system, as I think that's just as bad as being a zealot. I am also not political at all and consider myself an anarchist. This particular term has a bad reputation, and I do understand that many people have never been educated on what anarchy really is, so I get it. My point here is that I will not engage in any kind of argument or debate concerning religion or politics, because those types of arguments are logically unsound and invalid because the position of both parties is seeped in preference, and you can't argue preference. Well, you can, but it ends up being ridiculous and only breeds discontent.

I am in graduate school getting my masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I plan to pursue my PhD in Developmental Disabilities/Autism when I have completed this phase of my education.

I am constantly in a state of reinvention and evolution, an Aquarius to the hilt. Self-improvement is important to me. I fall off the wagon from time to time and get ragey (mostly over bad drivers), but then I vent and move on with my life. I am virtually un-offendable, and so as not to offend others, I like to forewarn of the language (and sometimes the content) used in this journal occasionally. Whatever you are, and however you see the world is fine with me, even if we disagree. I appreciate diversity and different points of view, so I will not judge anyone for any reason
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